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Here are some great businesses to help you with your real estate!


Real Estate Marketing Professionals

Grape Vine Home Marketing (FSBO - For Sale By Owner)

With over 20 years of experience in the greater Ottawa area, Grape Vine offers online Real Estate Listings and lawn sign packages that suit your home advertising needs and give you maximum visibility for your home, investment property, cottage or rental property.

Real Estate Legal Services

Closing Connect™

Save hundreds in legal fees with free complete legal support!

Grapevine is pleased to introduce its Closing Connect™ legal service program. Connecting property sellers on their listing day directly with experienced property lawyers brings a whole new level of expert assistance and support to Grapevine customers.

The Closing Connect™ program includes all the legal advice, assistance, document preparation and review property sellers need into one competitive, fixed-price bundle.

Closing Connect™ uses your email connection to provide helpful forms and information during the sales process. Registration during the listing process is required to take advantage of the Closing Connect™ program, with support continuing through to closing day and beyond.
Telephone: 1-844-575-VINE (8463) or Email:


Moving Services in Ottawa


Grape Vine EcoBoxes

Grape Vine ECOBoxes are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to prepare for your move in the Greater Ottawa Area. Choose from a variety of packages for varying lengths of time. Wardrobe boxes, extra dollies, packing labels and recyclable wrapping paper may be added to any package at any time.

Grape Vine ECOBoxes reduce the need to hunt down cardboard moving boxes and packing tape and eliminate the time to build them up, break them down and get rid of them. Grape Vine ECOBoxes are formed from rigid plastic so there is no bending, tearing, or breaking and the easy close lids are attached. They are easy to use, easy to stack, and easy to move.

Real Estate Agents (Realtors®) in Ottawa

  Grape Vine Realty Brokerage

Think different, think modern, think how your home can be sold in an efficient and cost effective manner. Think Grape Vine Realty.


Real Estate Inspection Services in Ottawa

Acker Home Inspection Inc.

Acker Home Inspection Inc. is dedicated to providing property inspection services of the highest quality, and to deliver our services to our clients with passion, professionalism, integrity and commitment. We recognize that our inspection processes and reporting must be tailored to address specific needs of our client base. In Ottawa, our company is unique in providing inspection services focused specifically to the purchasers of newly-constructed homes, and to the purchasers and sellers of homes sold privately. We are the leading area inspection services firm solely focused to these forms of inspection.

We are proud to make our services available to Grape Vine property sellers and purchasers. We have structured our inspection techniques and reporting methods to address your specific needs during the process of private home sales. Our desire is to deliver an outstanding customer experience in each inspection we perform, and to ensure that at the completion of the inspection, you are confident in the information we provide to you about the property we inspected.