“The Most Risky … Job Ever.” Reporting on “ISIS in Afghanistan” | ISIS in Afghanistan | FRONTLINE | PBS

The viciousness with which the self-proclaimed Islamic State has treated journalists is, sadly, well ingrained. In August 2014, the terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for last Friday’s horrific attack on Paris posted a video online showing the beheading of kidnapped American reporter James Foley. Less than a month later, another video was released of […]

Inside CDC’s Vaping Investigation : Shots

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has mobilized more than 140 scientists and other staffers to investigate the causes of vaping-related lung injuries and deaths. Will & Deni McIntyre/Science Source When the first cases of vaping-related lung injuries came to the attention of scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Uluru In Australia, Anangu Holy Site, Banned For Climbers As Of Saturday : NPR

Uluru, seen at sunset from a designated viewing area earlier this year in Australia’s Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The sandstone monolith will be closed to climbers permanently Saturday, in a blow to tourists’ aspirations and a boon to the aboriginal peoples who consider it sacred. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Lisa Maree […]

Google Search Now Reads at a Higher Level

Google search is advancing a reading grade. Google says it has enhanced its search-ranking system with software called BERT, or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers to its friends. It was developed in the company’s artificial intelligence labs and announced last fall, breaking records on reading comprehension questions that researchers use to test AI software. Pandu […]

In Fight Against ISIS, a Lose-Lose Scenario Poses Challenge for West | Terror in Europe | FRONTLINE | PBS

ISIS has lost around a quarter of the territory it once held in Iraq and Syria. Important commanders have died in airstrikes; an estimated 20,000 of its fighters have been killed. The group has run out of high-profile hostages to extract ransom for or publicly assassinate for propaganda purposes. The ISIS brand needed a facelift: Attacks in Paris, Beirut, and against a Russian airliner over the […]